I’m involved in numerous tasks from reporting, to freelance writing, to video production. Here are some samples of my work, and links to recent projects.

Forever Families: A long-awaited adoption from Jennifer Borget on Vimeo.

My favorite part of the week is when the Adoption Coalition of Texas introduces me to another foster child waiting to find a family of their own. I’m then tasked with getting to know them, and learning about their hopes and dreams. We have a blast doing fun activities together, then when I get back to the station, I work to make sure the excitement, hope and light I see in their eyes translates through their story.In most cases, a family watching or searching online will see their stories, and the child will get adopted. But I don’t always hear about those cases. Recently, a religious Forever Families viewer contacted me and told me how my story brought her to her daughters. Completely overwhelmed with excitement, we immediately scheduled a date to meet up so we could capture and share their family story–In hopes of spreading the word about foster care and adoption, and bringing more families like theirs together.

Whether it’s the local environment or world hunger, everyday people are working to make the world a better place. Every week I go out and find different people in my community trying to do just that. I get to share the stories of Central Texans who have dedicated their lives to making a difference in my weekly segment called Life in Action. Above and below are examples of two amazing women I’ve had the chance to meet, and help share their stories.


Popular magazines repeatedly tout Austin as one of the best cities to raise a family. Every week I bring my passion for parenting to Central Texas families’ living rooms. I introduce them to parenting experts, authors, business owners and everyday moms and dads that know what it’s like to raise a child in the Lone Star State.

Sometimes it takes a tragic story for us to wake up, and change our habits. That’s what I took away after interviewing Brett and Kristie Cavaliero, who lost their daughter in a tragic accident. Now they spend much of their lives, making sure others don’t have to live with the same mistake.

In this heartbreaking edition of Growing Up Texas, I helped share their story.


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